Sunday, 1 February 2015

A DIY sort of Sunday


essential oils
warm water
a pretty bottle
some sticks from the garden

This sunday, I found that a cute little oil diffuser with a calming scent doesn't need to be pricey or posh.
Although I love an expensive candle, this rustic little bottle does the job perfectly.

Choose oils that you find relaxing.
It's usually around 20 drops for every cup of water (warm water), mixing different oils together to make new scents is also fun; write down the ones you like so you can make it again at some point.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

I bought a beautiful thing


At this point in the depths of January, Christmas is a distant memory, the only reminder being the constant cold weather and dark skies (that seems to be stick around all year anyway).
This camera was a Christmas gift, and although everything around me (except for the weather) tells me that this thing called Christmas is long gone, this camera reminds me that only a month has passed.     

 School means that my life has become paper, ink and exercise books but picking up a camera and walking outside helps me realise that the world isn't always just pen and paper. Life can be lived through a lens for a few minutes at least and it's fascinating that these few minutes of happiness can be captured on a little polaroid... 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

sunday; ante meridiem

I am dedicating the small use of latin here to my friend Zoe, who inspires me every single day with her commitment to classics and the way she tackles life with puns.

This was sunday ante meridiem; the weather was beautiful, but not so much in the way that it lingered for not only the morning but the whole day with a blanket of translucent white and lack of visibility. Not in the way that snow does, but in a much sinister yet calming nature- if such a juxtaposition is possible. It was not in any way a danger (unless you were driving) yet my walk to sainsbury's was made somewhat uneasy by the strange possibility that someone or something could suddenly appear from a cloud of white a few meters away (cue silly thoughts from reading too many scary stories)...

I love how this section of the world decided it was having none of it! A completely clear, frost free, fog free area of ivy and twigs...

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sunday, 14 December 2014


I have been sat thinking about how to introduce myself and how to explain why i like writing and taking photos but frankly, i can't. Kate Fridkis wrote an article once for oh comely which i found insignificantly placed on page 55 with a modest blue title with one single peaceful photograph, dark but peaceful. It makes me happy every time i read it and it's better at explaining my feelings than i am myself. So i'll let an extract introduce me for me;

"This is all very confusing. I don't know who to aspire to be. The people I admire most are happy people who have never done anything that will end up in a history book and don't care, and also the people who click automatically onto that tight, greased track that you ride at the top of the world. But really, no one, not even those people, is remembered by history... we should just think about being whatever we need to be next. And then one day we'll die and it's over, and you never have to worry about anything again."